Interactive solutions

What is navigation.

Legendary characters of historic fairy tales were choosing  directions of their feats relying on the road stone. Modern man in urban "jungle" focuses on signs, plaques, indicators. Architectural spaces in the XXI century became "cities under the roof" - a huge shopping and entertainment centres with themed "streets", transport interchange nodes, stations/terminals, airports - require a modern approach to navigation. Manage with the sufficient minimum - pointers and tablets - means not to match current realities. What does person feels  in an unfamiliar space? These feelings are  well known to us. Discomposure, confusion,  discomfort, irritation - these all are signs of disorientation, which must be overcome by creating simple and convenient navigation.

Navigation in a modern shopping mall.

Navigation in the mall –the major factor of success. Dissatisfied visitor always becomes the factor of decrease in loyalty, and as a consequence - declining attendance of mall, reduction of a sales volume, discontent of tenants.

After all, the visitor pays for everything! Taking care of him­ – primary objective of any company, that manages commercial real estate.

The most modern navigation solution for the mall Directorix.